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Bullet Lube &
Black Walnut Model B
$ 22.00 USD
Ease of Application
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• American Black Walnut
• Smooth, hand-chiseled teeth
• 2.75" width | 3" height | 1/2" Thick at top | 1.5" Teeth
• Triple Teak Oil finish
• Wood Grain Pattern and Precise Size May Vary
• Handcrafted in Hanover, PA

Performance. Strength. Character.
There are many reasons these combs will outperform all others. Unlike plastic and metal, wood doesn’t build up static charges that make your beard unruly. Additionally, the hand-shaped wooden tips gently massage your face, stimulating blood flow to promote hair growth. The porous nature of wood absorbs and redistributes oils to maintain a healthy beard. This also develops a unique patina over time, adding even more character to your comb.

American Black Walnut
American or Black Walnut is one of the rarest and most coveted native hardwoods. Used especially for furniture and gun stocks, the beautiful dark wood is prized for its exceptional durability and tight grain. Along with Chestnuts, Black Walnuts fed the pioneering lifestyle of America.

Beard Care meets Quality Craftmanship.
No mass-production here. The journey from rough-cut lumber to hand-polished comb is made by a single craftsman creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Review by Justin over at after using SavvyJack mustache wax for a full 30 days!
From Generals to Gunslingers, Rangers to Renegades — men who know how to use a gun know how to wear a mustache. This proud history has forged the mustache into a symbol of unapologetic masculinity — representing strength and competence.
Cheers to the mustache.

What's bullet lube?

Bullet lube is required on un-jacketed lead bullets to prevent lead and carbon fouling from building up in your barrel. It turns out the ingredients that make a great mustache wax also make a solid bullet lube. Coincidence? We think not.
Black powder revolver drawing SavvyJack
smokeless powder loading SavvyJack
Beeswax beehive drawing SavvyJack
Pine tree drawing SavvyJack
Pine Resin
Cacao nut drawing SavvyJack
Cacao Butter
Shea nut drawing SavvyJack
Shea Butter
Jojoba nut drawing SavvyJack
Jojoba Oil

All-Natural Ingredients

SavvyJack Bullet Lube and Mustache Wax components come straight from nature. Everything that grows in America is sourced from America, while the shea and cacao butters are purchased from companies based in America.
Tap the ingredient photos to learn more!
American beeswax from American beekeepers. Unbleached and raw, but thoroughly filtered using natural techniques resulting in 100% natural American–made wax retaining all of its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant benefits. Beeswax is the primary component of many bullet lubes because of its long carbon chains relative to cheaper waxes. It’s perfect for mustache wax because of its superior hold. It also provides a pleasant and subtle aroma of honey.
Pine Resin
Hand-chipped to maintain all the sticky qualities that keep your mustache shaped to perfection. Our 100% pure resin is collected from pine trees in the southern United States. Everyone should know how to collect pine resin as it has antibacterial and sticky qualities that have been put to good use for millennia. It’s great for making glue, torch pitch, and fire starter, binding wounds, treating infection, and it also helps prevent oxidation in the bore of your gun.
Shea Butter
100% pure, unrefined shea butter from West Africa. Loaded with vitamins A & E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids — shea butter provides excellent nourishment for hair and skin. Though not a typical component of bullet lube, its durability allows it to withstand the pressure while providing some needed hydration to your mustache.
Cacao Butter
100% raw cacao butter from South America. This anti-oxidant, polyphenol and essential fatty acid rich precursor to chocolate is a great moisturizer for your hair and skin. Though not cost-effective for most bullet lubes, its organic compounds are durable and ready for the task. Cacao butter provides a hint of chocolate aroma to SavvyJack Bullet Lube and Mustache Wax.
Jojoba Oil
100% pure, cold-pressed and unrefined Jojoba oil. Technically a liquid wax, the pressed bean-extract from this evergreen shrub of the American southwest was used during WWII to lubricate and maintain machine guns. As well as being an excellent moisturizer, its vitamin E & B content promotes healthy hair follicles. It is said Native Americans used it to treat sores and bruises. 
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Customer Reviews

Henry Falk
Verified Purchase
December 1, 2019
Yep it holds all day!
Ease of Application

I got this wax after seeing some good reviews go around on instagram. They lived up to it for sure. This stuff goes on easier than any other firm hold wax ive tried, and its an excellent hold. It has a nice smell that isnt at all overpowering.If your shopping around, definitely go for this wax!

James Charles Phillips
Verified Purchase
December 5, 2019
For masculine men... owned by an American Patriot.
Ease of Application

I love the product as much as i love the way this guy runs his company. Its application before daylight lasts me all day of work and i dont need to reaply before i hit the town for a steak

Nate McKenzie
Verified Purchase
August 10, 2019
As advertised, it is an all day hold

As advertised, it is an all day hold. I definitely recommend this wax to any size mustache. A great every-day wax. This is my new go-to, and that's saying a lot since it is rare to find a great moustache wax that can hold such a big stache all day.

Doug Browne
Verified Purchase
August 14, 2019
I am sold on this product.

I am sold on this product. I work outside in the heat for the majority of my day. My stache is fairly long, and SavvyJack wax holds it well. I do sweat so much that by the end of the day, I do suffer from a little melting and sag. With that being said, SavvyJack wax will last all day for any mustache. I highly recommend it and it has and will stay a part of my stache wax lineup!

Escardo Cuen
Verified Purchase
August 5, 2019
105 F degrees in Arizona

From my first questions, to unboxing the product and learning to use the formula, it has been a great and personalized experience. I have learned to love the natural look that my mustache shows when SavvyJack is applied, and it has held my natural look in 105 F degrees in Arizona.

Kelly McDowell
November 27, 2019
Absolutely beautiful! Quick delivery.

Absolutely beautiful! Quick delivery. Can’t wait to give to my husband, he is going to love it! Highly recommend.

Bethany Ellsworth
Verified Purchase
December 4, 2019
It's beautiful!

It's beautiful! The wood is so smooth and soft yet strong! And it sits nicely in the hands too. I can't wait to give it to my partner as a gift this holiday. I have been looking for a handmade wooden comb for a long time now to give to him, but there aren't many makers in my area that create anything quite like this.

Erika Ward
Verified Purchase
October 5, 2019
I highy recommend. An heirloom piece.

I love this comb! I am a girl, and I’m using it for my very long hair. It is very well made! It does not snag my hair at all. The comb massages my scalp nicely. I highy recommend. An heirloom piece.

Nicki Beckman
Verified Purchase
October 6, 2019
He absolutely LOVES this comb!!

I bought this comb for my bearded husband. He takes his beard very serious 😂. He absolutely LOVES this comb!! It is his new favorite. It is beautiful and very well made, does not snag or pull his hair. I would highly recommend this purchase!!