Smoothbore Beard Combs
American & Exotic Hardwoods
Handcrafted Wooden beard combs outperform all others.
SavvyJack "Smoothbore" beard combs are entirely handcrafted in Hanover, Pennsylvania. In fact, it's a single craftsman form start to finish. They're snag-free, don't build up static, and the wood's porous quality helps to distribute oils throughout your beard. You're gonna love these broad, hand-chiseled teeth that glide through your hair and massage your mug.
Our hardwoods have withstood the test of time.
We use sustainably reclaimed wood from sources like century-old barns. It's a great way to make sure this beautiful old wood has as long a life as possible. It's also the only way to get species like American Chestnut and Genuine Mahogany.