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Black Cherry - Model D
Handcrafted Beard Comb
The beauty of hardwoods.
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Take your beard to the next level with a comb that's crafted like no other.
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Performance. Strength. Character.
There are many reasons these combs will outperform all others. Unlike plastic and metal, wood doesn’t build up static charges that make your beard unruly. Additionally, the hand-shaped wooden tips gently massage your face, stimulating blood flow to promote hair growth. The porous nature of wood absorbs and redistributes oils to maintain a healthy beard. This also develops a unique patina over time, adding even more character to your comb.

Beautiful  Hardwoods
American Black Cherry is a favorite among furniture makers for its exquisite beauty. This combined with its durability, make it a popular choice for gun stocks, tobacco pipes and musical instruments. Found predominantly throughout the central and Northeast regions of the country, American colonists used the fruit to make a very potent liquor, the bark to treat bronchitis, and the stalks to make tonics.

Beard Care meets Quality Craftsmanship.
No mass-production here. The journey from rough-cut lumber to hand-polished comb is made by a single craftsman creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

• American Black Cherry
• Smooth, hand-chiseled teeth
• 3" width | 2-3/8" height | 1/2" Thick at top | 1-1/4" Tall Teeth
• Triple Teak Oil finish
• Handcrafted in Citrus County, FL

Customer Reviews

Nicki Beckman
Verified Purchase
October 6, 2019
He absolutely LOVES this comb!!

I bought this comb for my bearded husband. He takes his beard very serious 😂. He absolutely LOVES this comb!! It is his new favorite. It is beautiful and very well made, does not snag or pull his hair. I would highly recommend this purchase!!

Erika Ward
Verified Purchase
October 5, 2019
I highy recommend. An heirloom piece.

I love this comb! I am a girl, and I’m using it for my very long hair. It is very well made! It does not snag my hair at all. The comb massages my scalp nicely. I highy recommend. An heirloom piece.

Verified Purchase
December 29, 2019
Beautiful Comb!

Bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loved it! He uses it daily, it's very beautiful

Erika Wofse
Verified Purchase
October 21, 2019
Third comb!!

I can’t recommend this company enough! I think the comb is an incredible value. I use it for my long hair every day. I bought one for my husband, and now one for my brother-in-law because of my husband’s suggestion. The 2 combs we have had for about a year have held up wonderfully! Mike was kind enough to upgrade the free shipping to make sure I got the gift in time for Christmas. This is the best experience I have had with a company that I can remember. Thank you Mike at savvyjack!

Verified Purchase
January 2, 2021
Great Combs and Company

These are the best combs on the market, bar none. Great customer support as well!

Bethany Ellsworth
Verified Purchase
December 4, 2019
It's beautiful!

It's beautiful! The wood is so smooth and soft yet strong! And it sits nicely in the hands too. I can't wait to give it to my partner as a gift this holiday. I have been looking for a handmade wooden comb for a long time now to give to him, but there aren't many makers in my area that create anything quite like this.

Kelly McDowell
November 27, 2019
Absolutely beautiful! Quick delivery.

Absolutely beautiful! Quick delivery. Can’t wait to give to my husband, he is going to love it! Highly recommend.

Timothy R Strano
Verified Purchase
November 30, 2020
simple and awesome
Jared Brackenridge
Verified Purchase
January 2, 2021
Great Quality Comb!

I purchased the "Black Walnut + Black Cherry- Wide A" comb a few months ago and im impressed by the quality. This comb is perfect for semi lengthy to lengthy beards. I highly recommend!

Joe T
Verified Purchase
March 27, 2020
Wow what a beautiful hand crafted beard comb!

I ordered the All American beard comb and man the American Chestnut and Black Walnut is beautiful together. Its cool that it is a one-of-a-kind and hand crafted.

Eric Pfeiffer
Verified Purchase
April 18, 2020
Excellent Craftsmanship

I purchased the Black Walnut + Black Cherry - Wide A beard comb last month. The workmanship is excellent! The comb is large (about 5inches in width) and I would describe it as a beard pick/comb. The teeth are thick and adequately spaced so it glides through the beard and doesn't snag. When I oil my beard, I exfoliate my large beard up and out with the comb before I comb it back in place. This is the safest beard comb for combing in that fashion I have used. The comb will spread your beard out when you comb it and allow it to fill out naturally. If your beard is shorter than 6 inches you may want to purchase one of Jack's smaller picks or combs but for the large 6 inch or greater "yeard" I would definitely recommend this highly crafted beard comb. I may even purchase another one, not because I need it but because I just love these pick/combs!

Verified Purchase
April 18, 2020
Best device to style a mustache

Well designed and perfectly angled to style and comb out a mustache. My only complaint..... it is too nice to carry in my pocket for touch ups, but is an every day tool for mustache care.

Loran K. Bohman
Verified Purchase
April 18, 2020
Black Walnut black Cherry beard comb

Excited to receive this beautiful comb and great use.

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