Bullet Lube

Start off your day with something you can count on. SavvyJack mustache wax will keep your stache where you want it, so you can focus on what’s ahead.

All-day Hold
SavvyJack wax excels at both tight handlebars and naturally styled mustaches that keep the whiskers out of your mouth. This is because we spent over a year testing more than 60 recipes to create an all natural wax that will keep your mustache where you want it the whole day through, AND remain easy to apply. That's no easy feat.

Adventurer Approved
SavvyJack Bullet Lube & Mustache Wax will stand up to the elements. Whether you’re breaking into the 7th mile on your daily run, out on the range in a 110 degree Texas swelter, or celebrating victory at the bar with a 'stache full of foam — we’ve got you covered. No longer will you deal with eating a whisker sandwich or a soggy handlebar.

So durable you can fire it through a gun.
There's no test like a high-pressure explosion, and that's just what we've built this wax to withstand. Bullet lube must maintain its properties at the extremes of temperature and pressure. This means that when you wax your mustache with SavvyJack, you can depend on it holding up no matter what the conditions. We've tested and ensured that SavvyJack wax performs during all kinds of adventures, so your whiskers are in line no matter what you shoot at them. And don't worry – it still washes out with some soap and warm water!

100% All Natural Ingredients

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Beeswax beehive drawing SavvyJack
Pine tree drawing SavvyJack
Pine Resin
Cacao nut drawing SavvyJack
Cacao Butter
Shea nut drawing SavvyJack
Shea Butter
Jojoba nut drawing SavvyJack
Jojoba Oil
SavvyJack Bullet Lube and Mustache Wax components come straight from nature. Everything that grows in America is sourced from America, while the shea and cacao butters are purchased from companies based in America.
American beeswax from American beekeepers. Unbleached and raw, but thoroughly filtered using natural techniques resulting in 100% natural American–made wax retaining all of its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant benefits. Beeswax is the primary component of many bullet lubes because of its long carbon chains relative to cheaper waxes. It’s perfect for mustache wax because of its superior hold. It also provides a pleasant and subtle aroma of honey.
Pine Resin
Hand-chipped to maintain all the sticky qualities that keep your mustache shaped to perfection. Our 100% pure resin is collected from pine trees in the southern United States. Everyone should know how to collect pine resin as it has antibacterial and sticky qualities that have been put to good use for millennia. It’s great for making glue, torch pitch, and fire starter, binding wounds, treating infection, and it also helps prevent oxidation in the bore of your gun.
Shea Butter
100% pure, unrefined shea butter from West Africa. Loaded with vitamins A & E, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids — shea butter provides excellent nourishment for hair and skin. Though not a typical component of bullet lube, its durability allows it to withstand the pressure while providing some needed hydration to your mustache.
Cacao Butter
100% raw cacao butter from South America. This anti-oxidant, polyphenol and essential fatty acid rich precursor to chocolate is a great moisturizer for your hair and skin. Though not cost-effective for most bullet lubes, its organic compounds are durable and ready for the task. Cacao butter provides a hint of chocolate aroma to SavvyJack Bullet Lube and Mustache Wax.
Jojoba Oil
100% pure, cold-pressed and unrefined Jojoba oil. Technically a liquid wax, the pressed bean-extract from this evergreen shrub of the American southwest was used during WWII to lubricate and maintain machine guns. As well as being an excellent moisturizer, its vitamin E & B content promotes healthy hair follicles. It is said Native Americans used it to treat sores and bruises. 

• Strong All-day Hold
• Smooth Application
• 100% All Natural Ingredients
• Blends well with light & dark mustaches
• 1 oz Tin
• Handcrafted in Hanover, PA
• No Added Scents – Ingredients impart a pleasantly subtle honey-pine-chocolate aroma that dissipates after application.

What's bullet lube?

Need some bullet lube in a pinch? Go ahead and use your SavvyJack! The ingredients that make a great mustache wax also make a solid bullet lube. Coincidence? We think not. Bullet lube forms a protective barrier between your lead bullet and steel barrel that prevents the build up of lead and carbon fouling.
Black powder revolver drawing SavvyJack
smokeless powder loading SavvyJack
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